Do You Have A Mountain Bike? was a podcast network of its time. That time has gone.

When I started Do You Have A Mountain Bike?, the vision was simple: duplicate. I was young into the world of podcasting, and the only thing I knew how to do was to create shows in the same vein as those that other podcast networks were already producing. It's both the greatest accolade, and the weakest form of creativity, when somebody admires your work so much that the only thing they can think to do is copy it: I fell into that trap. It seemed to me that the ingredients were simple: two guys chatting to each other for an hour or two each week about technology. Turns out, that was podcasting.

You see, what I'd failed to do at the time was think outside that incredibly narrow sphere of influence; I never just took the time to climb over a short wall, turn around and view it from another angle, walk across a bridge and look back another way; what I'd failed to do was to do anything new. Nobody wants more of the same.

Don't get me wrong, Do You Have A Mountain Bike? has been a blast. I've met some incredible people throughout the lifetime of the 'network', and it's opened doors that would otherwise have been impossible for any of us to walk through. Highlights have been in abundance, not least of which the fortnight-long Steve Jobs special we ran to mark the anniversary of his passing last year. It's moments like that, when I see glimmers of what a future world of podcasting holds.

With the end of Do You Have A Mountain Bike? comes also the end of Too. Over the course of two years, Steven and I have recorded 50 episodes, and it seems like as good a place as any to halt; the last thing we want to do is bash that show over the head indefinitely and lose the spark that made it so great in the beginning. Watch out for our last hurrah; it's nearly over, but not quite…

For Critically Speaking then, long after Do You Have A Mountain Bike? has gone, Nate and Scott will be continuing on with their awesome show. You need do nothing to continue subscribing, everything will flip over to their need feed automatically.

So, presumably the people behind Do You Have A Mountain Bike? will be disappearing into the ether, never to be seen again? Absolutely not. We've said for a long time now that we're working on something new, and that something new is getting pretty close to being ready. Having spent the best part of a year working on it, you'll bet you'll be the first to know once we're ready to reveal all.

And now you know as much as we do. Which means there's one last thing to do: it's incredibly important that from everybody at Do You Have A Mountain Bike? I say a collossal thank you, to you. You've been part of a fairly small, but very dedicated community, that has tuned in each week, and for that we are truly grateful. Believe me when I say that this is but the start of something much bigger, greater, and more awesome than Do You Have A Mountain Bike? could ever have been, and we hope to see you again not so long from now.

It really does seem like 'new' is my new favourite word right now. Podcasting in today's incarnation is not dead, but it certainly has some way to go before the potential of this very special medium is truly realised. And for 'new' to be truly new, things have got to change. The future is going to be a very interesting place.

Do You Have A Mountain Bike? was a podcast network of its time. That time has gone.

Too, Critically Speaking, The DYHAMB? Show, and our All Shows Feed, will all continue to be available through iTunes for the foreseeable future. For any questions, please give me a shout at iamryan[at]dyhamb[dot]com, or hit us up on Twitter @dyhamb. You've been awesome; don't stop now.