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Join Nate and Scott on our gaming show, Critically Speaking,

check in with Steven and Ryan for tech talk on Too, or check out super-special guests on The DYHAMB? Show.


The DYHAMB? Show

Walk down a street. Enter a bar. Go for a run. All mundane, and it's a fair bet, you never think twice about them. Well think about this: what if instead of walking, running, or barging past those people, you could actually stop and talk to them? Get to know them? Find out what makes them tick? It's exactly that which The DYHAMB? Show is all about.

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What happens when you get a tea drinking, anti-patriotic nutcase and a guy from a country that doesn't really exist, both with a penchant for tech and enough sarcasm to resink the Titanic, to talk to one another about tech, and everything else in between, for sixty minutes at a time? Well, yes, we wondered too.

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Critically Speaking

You've heard them. They're they guys at the party who seem to be locked in interesting conversation. Then you hear words like, "player-driven narrative", "sandbox gameplay", and "well-crafted tutorial section". Before they can say "stealth mechanics", you walk away. Yea, we're those guys.

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